Conversion to DVD
Your old video tapes are your family's precious memories, an archive to pass on to succeeding generations. The images from birthdays, weddings, holidays, sporting events, and other occasions, are irreplaceable. Video tapes were not designed to last forever. Even if you stored them in a clean and climate-controlled area, the tape's surface material will degrade and images will begin to fade away in 10 to 15 years.

Our Media Services Group will convert your VHS, Beta, 8mm, or Hi-8mm video tapes on to today's digital media standard, Digital Versatile Disk (DVD), and your memories will be kept safe on the highest quality media available. Whether your tapes are in NTSC or PAL format, we can convert your images so you can view them on your DVD player.

We return your original video tapes and DVDs via a national carrier (such as UPS or FedEx) with a tracking number to ensure a safe return. Each DVD created comes with a standard DVD case and custom titled sleeve of your choosing. Contact us today to arrange for your tape to DVD conversion to protect your family's memories.

Digital Video Production Services
Creative Stream is fully equipped to handle your pre-production, digital video production, editing, and post-production needs.

  • Technical Training
  • Maintenance Processes
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  • Calibration Procedures

"The quality of our wedding tapes after 15 years was really degraded in some parts.

We were fortunate enough to have Creative Stream convert our tapes to DVD before it was too late!"

The Lee Family
Foothill Ranch, CA